home miniOne year after unveiling the Google Home, the house of Android is making its younger brother/sister official.  Formally introducing the Google Home Mini.  Made to offer some of the Google Home features at a fraction of the cost & size.  

It’s made mostly from fabric to be soft & durable w/ 4 LED lights to show off it thinking or listening.  It has 360-degree sound  and can be connected to any Chromecast-connected speaker.  Good news is that if you already have a Google Home, you can pick one up and add Google Assistant to other parts of your home.  Google already updated the Google Home app to show off a new UI & to add Night Mode to adapt to those in your home that may go to sleep ahead of others.  

Not bad for $49, right?  It comes in 3 colors of Chalk, Charcoal, & Coral.  Pre-orders kicking off right now and expect promos to get one for free when grabbing a Pixel 2.  So who’s picking one up?