This can’t be CES w/o a new smart fridge from Samsung.  Meet the 2018 Family Hub fridge now w/ even more bells & whistles for you to do more than just see what’s inside of your fridge w/o opening the door.  

This new line of Family Hub can pull off some voice-activated actions via Bixby voice assistant.  You can use this to have it read off calendar events as it can recognize different voices.  This works hand-in-hand w/ support for SmartThings integration as this works w/ direct & 3rd-party devices to control lights, thermostats, security cams, smart outlets, & more.  You got the power AKG speakers for extra bass & mids when listening to music/media near the fridge. And lastly,  the fridge gets 2 new apps w/ Meal Planner: an app to manage diet, restrictions, & preferences and a new Deals app: that offers supermarket sales that can be saved directly to your loyalty card.  

No word on pricing but the 2018 line of Family Hub fridges are due out sometime later this spring.  Is this the missing piece of your smart home or will you just stick to their normal line refrigerators?