Looks like streaming music appears to have actually killed off CDs for music.  Marking the end of an era of entering digital audio.  According to the folks over at Billboard, Best Buy will cease to sell music CDs starting July 1st.  

If you keep up w/ sales reports on mediums of music, vinyls have gone up tremendously when CDs is just taking up space on the shelves.  But it makes total sense.  Why buy one album for $10 or more, when you get get as much music as you can listen to for same price or less.  Not sure if DVDs are next within the near far future.  There is word that another big retailer you may have heard of called Target that may follow suit as well.  

Man, it seems like yesterday when CDs was the way to enjoy music after cassettes.  Maybe not yesterday, but I am old enough to remember it.  FYI: My 1st CD purchase was Das EFX’s 1st album in 1992.   I do know many of us enjoyed downloading tunes from the likes of LimeWire, Napster, & such to craft our own mix CDs.  

So what do you remember in regards music CDs?  What as your 1st CD you bought?  Sound off.