Google’s Smart Reply feature has been quite the useful tool for Inbox, Gmail, & Allo.  I know I’ve been loving it.  But what about for something you use all of the time: messaging?  Looks like Google is already hard at work to make that happen in a feature called Reply.

I got an email about it yesterday.  Reply is being crafted by a small R&D team that will utilize the same AI-powered responses in various messaging apps.  What apps specifically?  Starting off, it will be Hangouts, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, Skype, Twitter DMs, and Slack.  But if you’re unfamiliar w/ smart replies, it will work like this:  Someone can message you to ask: how far away are you?  And you can just hit the suggested response of 10 mins away as an example w/ a touch of a button. 

Reply will also have a few other features as well like a Do Not Disturb mode, a vacation responder, and properly displaying your message when your phone is silent.  The feature is currently in beta right now but you can hit the link below to sign up for it.  

Sign Up For It Here