Meet Faraday Future: an electric car company w/ ambitions to trump or compete w/ the likes of Tesla.  They’ve been around for around a year or so and only had concept vehicles up to this point.  That all changed last night during their official unveiling of their 1st electric vehicle: the FF91.   

Interesting take on EV but will require more info for more interest.  

What makes Faraday different from Tesla?  More smart tech lies within along w/ even faster specs under the hood.  It is to be a fully connected & autonomous vehicle that offers cool tricks like facial recognition for your vehicle’s personalization.  The company has over 600 automobile patents along w/ one thousand Internet of Things patents as well.  

As far as under the hood, they’re aiming to the fastest in the biz.  The FF91 has a 130KwH battery that can go from 0-60MPH in 2.39 seconds w/ 1,050 HP.  The design is an interesting mesh of a concept car and a production mid-size SUV.  But we got no look at the interior.  

Regardless of the lack of info revealed, Faraday wants a $5,000 deposit for the FF91 w/ deliveries starting in 2018.  

Faraday Future