Stone Foxes Google LensAnother part of the many unveilings from yesterday’s keynote, Google Assistant is getting another cool feature to make it truly stand out among other virtual assistants.  Say hello to Google Lens: think Google’s take on Bixby Vision or a more powerful Google Goggles.  

Google has made sure to utilize all of their recent improvements in machine learning & image recognition – all within the power of your smartphone’s camera.  So think of the feature giving computers a new way to see and learn.  All within the conversation of your Assistant where you can just tap the lens icon and gather information on street signs, flowers, restaurant info, and even Wi-Fi router info to name a few.  

You’ll be able to check it out eventually as the feature is set to arrive as part of Google Assistant in coming weeks.  I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what it can do.  Would you see yourself using this more than Bixby Vision?