So for the Galaxy S9, we got the basic specs, a good look at what it will look like, and when it will be unveiled.  Now we got some intel on one of the new features it will offer.  Samsung wants to do a better job to improve its biometric security measures that involve your face.  

Everything We Know About The Galaxy S9

They look to do so by combining both the face & iris scanner to improve the accuracy in low or really bright lighting conditions.  This new feature will be called Intelligent Scan as it will be used to unlock your phone faster and as well as authenticate yourself for apps.  

This bit of intel was spotted in the APK of the Settings area within the Android Oreo beta on a Galaxy Note 8 by a developer on XDA Developers.  Hopefully, they’ll beef up the facial recognition feature as that can easily be tricked.  

By the time February 25th comes around, there won’t be too much left to be unveiled at this point – other than the pricing.  Does this feature sound like something you would use instead of a fingerprint reader?  

XDA Developers