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No More Crashing Into Things w/ DJI’s Self-Flying Phantom 4

Earlier today, we were in NYC as DJI unveiled their newest drone to the market.  Say hello to the new-and-improved Phantom 4.  The body style has been redesigned but retains the design language of the Phantoms of previous years.   A smaller body, metal ...



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HTC 10 Camera Review0

HTC 10 Camera Review

Share this:        Its the 1st half of a new year and here we go w/ another flagship Android device.  We now have the HTC 10 here.  If we're talking about HTC, we already know the concern is ...

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Mountain Dew Kicks Off Its Black Label Drink w/ A Bang0

Mountain Dew Kicks Off Its Black Label Drink w/ A Bang

Share this:       Days ago, we attended Mountain Dew's national launch party in NYC for their newest drink: the dark-berry Black label drink. It has real sugar, herbal bitters, and dark berry flavors inside. As a longtime consumer ...

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HTC 10 Review0

HTC 10 Review

Share this:        The roadmap of HTC's flagship hasn't been a rocky one.  Their One series has been an interesting one but always fall a bit short in living up to the namesake.  The M7 had a promising start, the M8 got better, and the M9 fell a

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Nexus 6P Revisited (Video)0

Nexus 6P Revisited (Video)

Share this:       Back in late October, we handled the device we called the perfect Google phone: the Nexus 6P.  It was easily love at 1st sight for me per se - and many others as well.  It is a big device as it has been my daily

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Review: Sonos Play:50

Review: Sonos Play:5

Share this:       Back in late 2009, Sonos launched their 1st Hi-Fi speaker w/ the ZonePlayer S5 speaker later dubbed the Play:5.  It was the speaker that would begin to catapult their presence in the market.  Several speakers/products later, Sonos would become more of a household name in

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Review: Netgear Nighthawk X4S Router0

Review: Netgear Nighthawk X4S Router

Share this:       As more and more consumer electronics gets announced, advertised, and sold; this will lead to more wireless devices in the household.  You standard connection will no longer suffice and it is or becoming mandatory for households to have router(s) setup to reduce the dilution of

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Moto X Pure Edition Revisited (Video)0

Moto X Pure Edition Revisited (Video)

Share this:       Back in mid-September, we 1st reviewed the 3rd-generation Motorola flagship w/ the Moto X Pure Edition. For the most part, we loved a lot about it and others could have been a little bit better. Overall, a great device from Motorola. Now some time has passed

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HTC One A9 Review0

HTC One A9 Review

Share this:       HTC has been pretty on high-end design & sound for Android devices for quite some time now. While that hasn't translated into big sales for the Taiwanese company, that doesn't mean they aren't looking to switch things up a bit. Not another M9 this time,

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