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Plantronics RIG Flex LX (Xbox One) Gaming Headset Giveaway (Over)0

Plantronics RIG Flex LX (Xbox One) Gaming Headset Giveaway (Over)

Like we told you last month, we’re onto the next giveaway.  Our good friends over at Plantronics blessed us w/ one of my favorite gaming headsets to giveaway w/ their latest cans: the RIG Flex LX. ...

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Review: Lenovo LaVie Z Laptop0

Review: Lenovo LaVie Z Laptop

Share this:       When you think of Lenovo, you think of innovation when it comes to Windows laptops & computers.  They've done /w the Yoga line, to the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, to their Horizon desktop line.  It continues this year w/ a new line of product this year

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Review0

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Review

Share this:       Another year brings another Call Of Duty into the mix.  Last year was Sledgehammer's time and this year it is Treyarch's shot.  They are responsible for probably the fan-favorite, Black Ops II.  The question on everyone's mind is: how do you follow up w/ COD:

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Halo 5: Guardians Review0

Halo 5: Guardians Review

Share this:       The Halo series was the bread and butter of the Xbox for many of years in the past.  The 5th installment of Halo is the game many Xbox fans have been waiting for.  For some, it will be the reason to finally upgrade from a

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Nexus 5X Review (Video)0

Nexus 5X Review (Video)

Share this:       Ah, the Nexus 5 - possibly the best Nexus of all-time.  The fans still adored it, flaws and all.  Despite its plastic construction and terrible battery life, the price point made it hard to ignore for Android purists out there.  So imagine going from that

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Nexus 6P Review (Video)2

Nexus 6P Review (Video)

Share this:       The path of Google's Nexus program has been an interesting one.  Spanning back 5 years to 2010 w/ the Nexus One by HTC all the way up to the present w/ 2 Nexus phones for the 1st time ever.  Google decided that a two-pronged approach

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Review: Polk Audio Striker Pro Zx (Xbox One)0

Review: Polk Audio Striker Pro Zx (Xbox One)

Share this:       Polk Audio is definitely one of the respected Audio makers in the game.  It would only make sense for them to expand into making gaming headsets. They are new to me in regards to making gaming headsets but they made several headsets before.   Enter the Striker

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