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Nintendo Teams Up w/ DeNA To Bring Their Games To Smartphones/Tablets

Nintendo continues to move in an overall better direction, at least in my opinion.   During the wee hours, Nintendo announced a partnership w/ Japanese mobile game developer DeNA to fulfill many gamers dreams:  Mario on a smartphone/tablet.   Nintendo loyalists, you’re dreams are ...

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Nintendo’s Next-Gen Console Is On The Way, Codenamed: NX

Earlier this morning, Nintendo made some great announcements to offer an even brighter future for the company.  One of them being a new console + platform already in development under the codename: NX.   Nintendo seems to be heading in the right direction. The NX ...

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Here’s Everything You Wanted To Know About The Apple Watch

Ok now this ins’t the 1st time Apple talked about their 1st product into the world of wearables.  But they did leave out a lot of unanswered questions.  During today’s event, they answered many of them.  Like for starters, you can completely customize ...

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Meet Apple’s New All-Metal Retina MacBook, Coming April 10th For $1299

Up next on Apple’s Spring Forward event, the new MacBook.   Everything about it was pretty spot on w/ the previous leaks + rumors about it.  This is Apple’s thinnest + lightest MacBook to date.  Weighing in at only 2lbs and is only ...

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What’s On Your Phone, BrothaTech?

Share this:             Welcome to ‘What’s On Your Phone?’.  Here is where we and other tech enthusiasts will unlock our devices to highlight our essential apps and/or cases we use on our daily driver(s).   Terrance Gaines, AKA BrothaTech here, and my passion is hardware. I’m an unapologetic ...



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How Good Are The Cameras On The HTC Desire Eye (Video)0

How Good Are The Cameras On The HTC Desire Eye (Video)

Share this:       As we being wrapping up our review of the mid-range Desire Eye from HTC, its time for our usual camera test.  As we move closer to the M9 official launch this is very important for ...

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Review: Lenovo A740 All-In-One Desktop0

Review: Lenovo A740 All-In-One Desktop

Share this:       Nowadays it seems like everyone is handling all of their computing needs on the go.  Its kind of hard to blame them w/ all of the viable options there are in the market.  From the MacBook Air to the Surface Pro 3 to the latest

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Review: Re Camera By HTC (Video)0

Review: Re Camera By HTC (Video)

Share this:       At HTC's last press event they held last year in NYC, one of the big things they unveiled was small camera for everyday consumers w/ the Re Camera.  This is not your atypical handheld camera.  It is modeled similar to a small periscope or asthma

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Review: TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case For Galaxy S50

Review: TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case For Galaxy S5

Share this:       While the unveiling of the Galaxy S6 by Samsung is right around the corner, there are many of you still locked into contracts or payments plans w/ your S5.  In other words, some of you aren't going anywhere.  There's no reason why you should have

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Kingsman: The Secret Service Review0

Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

Share this:       A few months back, my wife and I saw an early release of the latest from director Matthew Vaughn w/ Kingsmen: The Secret Service.  If the name escapes you, he directed X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass, Layer Cake and produced some films w/ his friend Guy

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Review: Hyper X Cloud II Gaming Headset (Video)0

Review: Hyper X Cloud II Gaming Headset (Video)

Share this:         Last year, Kingston kind of shocked everyone when their high-end division, Hyper X, unveiled a gaming headset w/ the Cloud.  I actually have a pair but due to our hefty queue of products to review, we have yet to get around to it.  It is

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Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis Blu-Ray/DVD Review0

Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis Blu-Ray/DVD Review

Share this:       BTW, welcome to our 1st non-tech review.  This time around we've taken the Justice League: Throne of Atlantis on Blu-Ray/DVD.  This is another story adapted from the New 52 continuity that follows up Justice League: War.   ICYMI: this stars the same JL lineup from War

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