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6 Things To Consider Before Buying Your iPhone 6s/6s Plus

Its almost iPhone Time!  We’re approaching that time where you either wait up or take a nap and get up in time to pre-order.  This process is like trying to see what Santa dropped off for adults & techies.  Anyhoo, there are a ...

android auto review

Review: Android Auto (Video)

Share this:                 Smartphones and driving usually make for a bad mix.  This combination would lead to texting while driving tickets or even worse fatal accidents.  You would usually utilize the combo for mainly Google Maps when driving somewhere or trying to find a place.  ...



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What To Expect From Google's Nexus Event0

What To Expect From Google’s Nexus Event

Share this:       Now that the new iPhones are out and about, its now time to switch gears back to Google.   Google isn't done w/ their unveiling as this Tuesday is another one - focusing on their ...

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Review: Moto 360 2015 Edition (Video)0

Review: Moto 360 2015 Edition (Video)

Share this:       The original Moto 360 helped put Android Wear on the map along w/ making smartwatches w/ round displays a thing.  So much that Samsung, Huawei, and LG have followed suit and no one is really making square-ish watches anymore save for ASUS & Apple. Motorola is

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Why Destiny: The Taken King Restored My Love For The Game0

Why Destiny: The Taken King Restored My Love For The Game

Share this:       I'm not gonna lie to you all.  When I bought my Xbox One last year, it came w/ the game Destiny.   I played it, but I felt like I was running around in circles.   So when I got Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare to review,

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Review: Moto X Pure Edition (Video)0

Review: Moto X Pure Edition (Video)

Share this:       Prior to the OnePlus One when you wanted an near-stock Android experience, you would go w/ the Moto X.  Motorola offered a clean software experience along w/ great customization w/ Moto Maker.  The OnePlus One pretty much changed things in regards to that level -

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Review: Plantronics RIG Flex LX (Xbox One)0

Review: Plantronics RIG Flex LX (Xbox One)

Share this:       Believe it or not, I am still on the hunt for the perfect gaming headphones - at least for my ears.  I have tested several headsets already as they're all great in one or two ways but none over the complete package.  I am gamer

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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 & Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Video)0

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 & Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Video)

Share this:       Its been quite some time since we've done a full-fledged written review.  This is the perfect time to start back up.  Recently Samsung revealed 2 new flagships to end the year out on w/ the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+.  They're pretty

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Review: Razer Kraken Gaming Headset (Xbox One)0

Review: Razer Kraken Gaming Headset (Xbox One)

Share this:       In case you didn't know or lived under a rock, Razer is synonymous w/ great gaming accessories.  Razer has a ton of great gaming headsets but today we're focusing on their latest Krakens for the Xbox One.   We're looking to see if our hunt

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